How It Works


What do you want from a Screen Door?

  • Keep the bugs out and let the fresh air in!
  • Be energy efficient and cool your home with a nice cross breeze!

Since 1997 we have installed thousands of retractable screen doors; keeping bugs out and letting the Breeze in!

They choose our screen because the sleek design looks nicer than most others.
The screen durability is second to none with the powder coated aluminum sturdy design.
They can get rid of old creaky screens that pop off the track and put in the Mirage Retractable Screen that blends nicely with their door.
A two inch round canister is mounted on the side of your door and the screen mesh rolls into that canister when you’re not using it. When you need the screen you pull the handle across the door and it connects to a magnet on the other side. The mirage screen is there when you need and it out of the way when you don’t.
Our experienced installers’ custom cut each screen to fit your door. As employees, they do this in one appointment to save you time. Standard doors are 36” wide and up to 83” high. Maximum widths are 55” and heights up to 109”.